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Am Vibhuti from Chennai. I want to know if I can become an actress. what is the best astrological combination to be brilliant Actor?

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Hi Vibhuti, I don't have your Horoscope so I can't predict whether you will have that planetary combination of celestial bodies to become a good actress or not. But one thing I can tell you what set of astrological combination one requires to be a successful actor. 

'Strong mercury, Venus, and a strong 5th house'. The Strong mercury because mercury governs intelligence and the ability of a person to communicate and acting is that skill which requires one to be smart & intelligent in order to understand and visualize the situation. While Strong Venus gives a person fascinating and charming personality, that is equally significant quality in order to become a good actor because it gives the native the fortitude and confidence to feel good about themselves and their body. The strong Fifth House represents drama, leisure pursuits, love affairs, self-expression, and everything else which includes some play and fun. It is where you burst out onto the scene, in your full glory.

For fame, in the acting field, one would need to have a strong 1st house and strong Rahu/Jupiter/Sun. Here I also mentioned that one needs to have a Strong Rahu/Jupiter/Sun because in order to become a good actor one needs to become famous as well and both 'fame and acting' go hand in hand. The combination of Sun/Venus in a good dignity makes one well known in their field or society Whereas the combination of Rahu and Mercury can make one an excellent communicator and they can be famous because of their witty nature or their dialogue delivery. Remember, Rahu is one planet which is positioned well in one’s chart can give the person massive fame. The strong first house because it is responsible for all important aspects of one’s life viz. physical appearance, thinking, personality, temperament, ego, new beginnings and your outlook towards life. This house is known to have an impact on any health issues you may have experienced in life.  

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Ananda K Anna

Answered Mar 10, 2019

Hello Vibuthi this is Ananda from Chennai replying to your question:

To be successful in Show Biz or Performing Arts Venus should be placed good, Rahu who is ambitious and Shawdow planet also should be placed well. Moon who is connected to Emotions and Mind also should be placed well in Rasi Chart.

Apart from Rasi Chart the Career chart or Dasamsa plays major role in one's Career hence planets connecting from 10th from Ascendant and 10th from Moon Rasi should fall in either Venus planet or Venus owned Stars should have more influence and Mahadasa of Venus or Rahu should also connect with particular time to deliver the same. 

Most of the Actors and Actresss will have powerful Venus, Rahu and Moon to give their best in performing. Rohini Born Priyanka Chopra had Moon who is exalted in 2nd house of  Speech.

Venus in 3rd house of communication along with Mercury who is the owner and Rahu the ambitious maverick too placed, this position had given her to perform in Hollywood too due to Rahu, As she was undergoing Moon Mahadasa, followed by Mars and Rahu ( had given name and fame during his phase) Presently she will be having Jupiter Mahadasa and it is sitting in 7th house of spouse area had given her marriage due to Jupiter standing in Rahu Star, Moreover she was having Mars as 7th lord from Moon sitting in 6th house along with Saturn had given Love marriage with a Foreigner. When Jupiter Mahadasa came it slowed down her career due to 9th and 12th lord influence had given lot of travels away from home with his Husband.