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Are astrology predictions always accurate?

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Ovais Farooqui

Answered Apr 04, 2019

Very accurate birth time is required for accurate predictions through Birth Chart. Sometimes even a difference of one minute makes up side down. You may have noticed that twins born with a difference of 1-2 minutes generally meet a different destiny. Record of such precisely accurate birth time is difficult. 

Solution is Horary Astrology. If proper procedure is followed while asking a KP Horary Astrologer for predictions for a specific problem, the predictions can be more accurate. 

Procedure for asking question through KP Horary Astrology : Think deeper [meditate ] about your specific question for sometime and then note any number between 1 to 249, whatever clicks in your mind. Give this number and your specific question [with background history / dates of the issue].

Please note that this number [ 1-249 ] is not numerology. Zodiac is divided into 249 sub-divisions. Whatever number clicks in your mind after meditating on the question is the no. of sub-division of the Zodiac. Horoscope for predicting about the question is prepared starting with this sub division of the Zodiac. It is a Divine number which carries seed of your problem and Astrologer predicts the fruit what this seed will result into. The predictions are amazingly correct. Obviously, the Astrologer should be well experienced.


Ovais Farooqui

KP Horary Astrologer