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Hi am Abhishek, from Ambala. If my ascendant is Taurus, and someone else's sun is Scorpio, does that count as synastry?

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First of all, I will explicate a bit about 'Synastry'. It is the study in astrology in which horoscopes of two or more people are compared in order to determine their compatibility or affinity towards each other. In short, it is a fascinating and illuminating study of how individuals interact with one another.
It is in fact known as the "Art of relationship Astrology". 

Now coming back to question. If you are looking at the Synastry between you and your partner, then Scorpio is on the descendant of the Synastry between you both. Taurus rules the second house and Scorpio the 8th house so looking at a Chart wheel they are directly opposite each other. So, yes it would count as energy in Synastry to look at, but looking at the houses and planets also would be a good idea. It is only one of the aspect of synastry. 

The synastry to look at would depend on the circumstances. If you're asking about love relationships, then aspects between one person's Venus, Mars, Sun and Moon and the same planets in the other person's horoscope would provide some useful insights.

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