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I am a Taurus sun and Scorpio moon and my girlfriend is Scorpio sun and Gemini moon. Astrologically is this a good match?

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To describe this astrological combination in the horoscopes of you and your partner, the position of other celestial bodies in your horoscopes are also mattered. One can't predict your relationship without considering these aspects and other factors. 

If your sun and your partner’s moon are same, I would have said that your relationship would play out pretty well. But, that sign being Scorpio here, its kind of tough. People having a Scorpio sign feels a tremendous ego problem from each other. But, at the same time this sign being highly receptive and a combination of male-female energy, usually understand each other in a male-female relationship and put aside their ego. On the other hand, Your Taurus sun will be sensually and sexually attracted to her Scorpio sun. But, both being kind stubborn can raise each other’s stubborn streak in each other. But, her being a female and having a flexible Gemini moon sign, she will usually adapt. The same won’t be true for you.

Also after comparing the basic Moon signs and sun signs for compatibility, it seems this match is not a favorable match.

From Moon sign: The ruling lords of Scorpio (Mars) and Gemini (Mercury) are enemies and hence it is not considered a favorable match

From Sun sign: The ruling lords of Taurus (Venus) and Scorpio (Mars) are enemies and hence it is not considered a favorable match.

Also, check with a known astrologer with complete charts of both boy and girl to get a complete compatibility report.

Following are certain suggestions for you:

1. Don’t let ego ruin your relationship. This is applicable to both of you, but more in case of you.

2. Nurture the silent understanding you share with each other and find recluse and peace from it.

3. If one is getting stubborn about something. Don’t try to push it, in that way you both will end up being stubborn.

4. Don’t be suspicious of each other.

5. Also, don’t ask too many questions from each other. Otherwise, it leads to 'honesty issue' between you too. you both are honest with each other and neither of you will like a test from their partner about this.

6. Give her some space when she needs.

7. Don’t be jealous of her friends. Don't worry she will not cheat on you.

Good Luck!

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