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I am Shravani, 28 years old female and I have mangal in 4 th house. Am I manglik? What is the remedy for this?

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Yes Shravani, Mars in the 4th house represents you are Manglik. Kindly refer the image to check the positions of Mars in a horoscope that makes a person Manglik.

4th house in our chart demonstrates Domestic happiness, family, life, mental peace, property, basic education and your personal space or duty towards society etc. This is where Mars gets debilitated, and so it brings unnecessary clashes in psychological approach. It starts with a person and a person ends up losing domestic happiness. 

One is also required to keep his/ her temper in check and stay away from the passive/ aggressive  approach.

However, Mars in the 4th house along with another benefic like Jupiter, or present in any one of the signs such as Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn will give a good health and the native will enjoy comfortable life with good conveyances.

However, if it is badly placed, you can try these remedies:

1.) Offer sweet milk to the roots of banyan tree, put that wet soil on your navel.

2.) Always keep a square of silver with you. 

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