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I don't have my birth time for my Astrology. Can I get my birth time through any other method or with out birth time is that fine to get my Astrology?

3 Answers

alka vijh

Answered Apr 30, 2019

Yes, you can get answers through prashna kundali.


Answered May 01, 2019


You can get it from the Hospital you are born. You have to apply in corporation office or in hospital. Its a day job.

If you are born in home and If you know the time range then we can find the time through birth time rectification based on past events (15min range only i will be able to do)

If you do not have any info about birth time, then you have to by horary (prashna kundali) for a specific question. (Each and every question you have to go by horary)




Thanks for you text. yes, there have KP horary system for any kind of astrological problems.