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My birth details:- Name-Ashima DOB-06.01.1982 Time-1.55am Place-Delhi. When I will get married. Is that love or arrange marriage? ?

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Dear Amisha,

Your ascendant is Libra and Moon sign is Aries. Your ascendant & 8th lord retrograde Venus is situated in 4th house with Mercury and aspects 10th house. Your have beautiful and strong personality. You are a very talkative person. Though you are a hard working person but whenever in any tough situation (even small one) you prefer to run away from it. You always concern about security & goal in life and materialistic by nature.

In your lagan horoscope Mars is situated in 12th house indicates you have manglik dosha.  To avoid its bad effect on your married life, it is better match proper horoscope before getting married.

Your 4th & 5th lord Saturn is place in 12th house with 2nd and 7th lord Mars. This combination indicates that you will marry with the person of your choice with family acceptance and support.

Your future husband belongs to nearby places situated in East or South east direction from your birthplace. Your spouse is a known person to your family and he might be come to your house.  Might be in banking or a Govt servant financial based.

He will be of medium height, easily get angry on small issue, loving & caring, passionate, possessive, and strong person by nature,

Your auspicious time for marriage is start from 18 September 2019 to23  January 2020.

Bless you.

Suman Adil


Answered May 01, 2019


Your cuspal sublord Jupiter is linked to Rahu indicates 4 and 6 cusp. Also present dasa is Rahu signify 4,6 cusp. So love marriage is not possible.

Your relationship aspect is good in this dasa (indicates second marriage so careful matching is essential). 

Marriage is possible 12.2019 - 11.2020. It will happen with difficulties and unplanned way whenever it happens. However marriage is destined your horoscope

Wish you all the best.