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My date of birth, time and place are 31-12-1978, 7-52-53 PM, Kolkata, West Bengal respectively. Should I accept the new job offer that I got recently?

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Your Ascendant is cancer and moon sign is Capricorn. Presently your 6th house lord Jupiter transit over 5th house (12th from 6th and prime house for job change) and Jupiter transit over star of mercury (your 12th and 3rd house lord placed in 5th house. There 3,5,6,12 houses strongly active in Transit period, so you can take the opportunity which you get now. If this offer is good there have no issues. You should proceed with that. But one thing you will definitely notify them about your assurance with in 14th may 2019. Otherwise you will miss this opportunity. Best regards.

Best wishes for your future endeavors. Ganehsa will bless you.