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My name is Manaswita Sil.My birth date is 20.11.1990,birth time is 6:30 AM,birthplace is Kalyani,Nadia,West Bengal.When will I get a good job I like?

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Acharya Suvendu Halder

Dear I casted a Horary time chart for your query.

17/4/2019-00:40am- Kolkata

There 11th house sublord is Jupiter placed in 11th house (fulfillment) star lord ketu have connection with 2,11th houses so earnings also shows, so you will earn good very soon with help of Jupiter. 

Dasha lords Venus in main period have connections with 2,10,11- and Antara of Ketu have connections with houses 2,11- and 6th house connected by Mars and Rahu so your job will comes in second half when mars and Rahu have in Pratyantar Dasha. Best period for your job find around June July 2019. If miss this time frame then most strong time period find around August September 2019. Means your new job will assured by planets between June to September 2019. 

Best regards.