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We like each other. we both want to get married, both our families are reluctant. Because of this, he also gets angry. will we marry and be together?

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Ovais Farooqui

Answered Apr 12, 2019


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Birth date/ time/place not given. Unless birth time is very accurate, birth chart cannot reflect correct picture. KP Horary Astrology can help better.

There are two ways :

1.       The KP Horary Astrologer erects a time chart on the basis of date, time and place of judgement and he can get some idea about the background of the issue. It would not be a responsible act if he predicts further without fully understanding the background.


2.       The querist himself should contact specific KP Horary Astrologer. Follow his instructions on “How to ask a specific questions”, and ask the question. The Astrologer can analyze the chart thoroughly and predict. This method gives better results than those of birth chart analysis provided proper method for asking the question is followed.


I have casted a Horary Time chart  on 12-04-2019 at 13:57 hrs at Delhi primarily to understand the background of the issue.

In Horary [time] chart, 5th sub lord should signify 5th-7th-2nd and 11th houses for love marriage.


In this chart 5 cuspal sub lord is Ra positioned in 12th house. Which clearly indicates that your circumstances will not allow to go ahead. Sign lord Mercury and sub lord Venus [of Rahu] positioned in 8th house further confirms the above observation.  Sorry.


Rahu also indicates that the boy is from different caste or social status. Is it correct?


If this observation makes any sense, better contact some  Horary Astrologer proper and thorough analysis.



Ovais Farooqui

KP Horary Astrologer

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