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What does the 12 house in Vedic Astrology Horoscope represents?

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Each of the 12 houses in Vedic Astrology chart represents the various facets of human life. These houses are just like the 12 Zodiac sign and focus on enlightening one’s inner state of mind, experience, and temperaments.

Listed below are the 12 houses with the brief interpretations:

First House: Ruled by Aries, It is responsible for all important aspects of one’s life viz. physical appearance, thinking, personality, temperament, ego, new beginnings and your outlook towards life. This house is known to have an impact on any health issues you may have experienced in life.  

Second House: Ruled by Tauras, It rules your core values and covers matters or issues related to your physical and material world. It represents how well and efficiently you manage your finances, that’s why it is also known as the ‘House of Possessions’. It also tells how you value money and your self-esteem.

Third House: Ruled by Gemini, known as the ‘House of Communication’. It rules all forms of communication like talking, thinking, introspection and deals with everything related to modern technology for communication. It also deals with your surrounding environment like schools, neighborhood, office etc. And also have a major influence on your everyday activities.

Fourth House: Ruled by Cancer, known as ‘House of Home’. This house is present at the lowest point on the zodiac wheel. It includes your parents especially your mother, the impact of her in your early days of childhood. And also includes your home environment. The fourth house is where you can also develop a sense of security in your private place. 

Fifth House: Ruled by Leo, known as the ‘House of Creativity and Pleasure’, this is where you have fun. It governs all kinds of drama, leisure pursuits, love affairs, self-expression, and everything else which includes some play and fun.

Sixth House: Ruled by Virgo, known as the ‘House of Health and Service’ and it depicts diet, fitness, hygiene, illnesses, helpfulness, type of diseases whether they are curable or not., services, debts.

Seventh House: Ruled by Libra, known as the ’House of Partnerships’. It governs the domain for serious relationships, not to be confused with just romantic relationships, it even governs business partnerships, business deals, contracts etc.

Eight House: Ruled by Scorpio. This is the mysterious house, also known as the ‘House of Sexuality, Death, and Rebirth’. It represents intimacy in your relationships, sex, and also deals with reincarnation and death. Death sometimes can be just symbolic other than the obvious; the passing of someone. It also governs money & gifts through inheritance or maybe investments.

Ninth House: Ruled by Sagittarius, known as the ‘The House of Philosophy and Travel’. High learning is the key to this house. It dominates the development of your mind, its expansion, and your higher mind. This house also includes your understanding of ethics,  morals, spiritual learning, luck, adventure, risk, foreign languages and long distance or international travel.

Tenth House: Ruled by Capricorn,  known as the ‘House of Career’. This house is at the very top and also contemplate to be the most public on the zodiac wheel. It represents your career and everything related to it including how to concentrate, focus and choose the right career option, accolades, long term career goals, recognition that you receive. 

Eleventh House: Ruled by Aquarius, known as the 'House of Friendships’. It governs your friendships, people who love and protect you. It represents your aspirations, hopes, and also your ability to remain happy. This house depicts all the roles that you undertake throughout your life be it as a partner, husband, wife, friend or a businessman. It also rules sudden events, eccentricity, invention, surprises, originality and anything futuristic.

Twelfth House: Ruled by Pisces, known as the ‘House of Self Undoing and Karma’. It is the final house on the zodiac wheel. It rules endings and is secretive and dark. Matters related to the prisons, psyche, hospitals are all a representation of confinement towards the unknown. Although it rules your imagination and creativity, this is also a house in which chances of self-indulgence that leads to substance abuse are high. But after a period of suffering good and positive things like motivation, enlightenment and healing can also be found here.

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