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When will I get married? Will it be an arrange or love marriage? My birth details - Place of birth: Ujjain. Date of Birth: 30-06-1990 12:51 pm?

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Rakesh Sinha

Answered Mar 08, 2019

Your ruling planet is Mercury and Moon is situated in your birth lagna , means you are a romantic person ,you are emotional person, you have great value for relation.
Your Venus is situated in your luck house, Jupiter is Lord of your happiness house and Mars is Lord of your relatives and friends house, Venus , Jupiter, moon and Mars are a important planet for love and marriage, so there is lots of chance that you will go for love marriage .
Since is the lord of your spouse house is Jupiter, You will get a very beautiful, fair and  very charming spouse, She will belong to royal family, She will full of emotion, she will be of medium height.he will have very good physic .. she will not only love you but give respect to your family. Because of Venus, no doubt you have a lovable  and happy married life ahead..  You will meet your soul mate before July 2019 and go for marriage before December 2019
As far as your married life is concerned, it is very likely to be quite good. Your spouse will be very loving and caring towards you. With time, the understanding will grow further and your bond will become stronger. Your family life is also likely to be very good. We sincerely hope you lead a happy life with your loved one. 
We would like to end by saying that the best relationships are formed between two partners who are friends before anything else.

Ananda K Anna

Answered Mar 10, 2019

Having Born in Kanya Ascendant and Kanya Rasi where Moon is sitting in Moon star of Hastha.

Your UL Udapathi Lagna suggests that you will have love arranged marriage during 2019 June.

Jupiter who is your 7th lord sitting in 10th house of career in his own star hence there are good chances of knowing your likely spouse in work area circles is being seen, Having Mars in 7th house, Venus in 9th house, You are having good career Jupiter aspects 2nd house of family, 4th house of Residency and 6th house of social circle gives thumbs up situation. Your spouse will have good looks and clean character. As you are currently under the influence of Jupiter Mahadasa and Jupiter Bukthi with Venus coming as Antara dasa from Jan 2019 to May Full will see you engaged with person. Your Vivaha Saham planet is Saturn owned Uttarabhdra star where VENUS is going to move during that point time in present planetary gives strong possiblitiy to get into marriage.

All the Best

Ananda K Anna