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why should we believe in astrology?

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Astrology is all about faith. A person writes his story for his life. It is what the manifestation of life follows. The science of Astronomy fits in all the performance of life. The major reason to believe in Astrology is it prepares a person for the upcoming time and eases the curiosity & stress. It brings people together and also helps people get a hint about their future. However, there is still a section of people with disbelief in Astrology. I am writing this answer basically to convince them to give it a chance to show its strength.

Here are 3 reasons why you can believe in Astrology-

-It can be a lifesaver

Astrology is a way to get prepared with your future glitches. It can be a lifesaver as it provides you with armour to protect yourself. You can ask an astrologer and follow the guidance as a precaution.

-It surrounds you and your actions

The biggest reason to believe in Astrology is that it is a blueprint of your journey. It is everything about you. It shows you the important marks of your life and allows you to prepare well for difficult actions.

-It is an Insight

Whether you wish to believe or not, Astronomy is familiar with your inner self. It is aware of your strength and weakness. It can give you detail about your progressive time and changing behaviour.

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