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Will Narendra Modi become the Prime minister again?

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Dear Narendra modi,

Our astrologers have analysed your natal chart. According to your planetary position, you are a Scorpio ascendant and your moon sign is Scorpio.

You are secretive and independent. You never back down or are broken, no matter how difficult the situation is. You have a charming persona, intense gaze and a brooding expression, which attracts everyone. Though very emotional, you know how to stay in control. Rarely distracted, you know what you want and keep working towards it. Always suspicious, you find it difficult to trust anyone. your work-personality as dedicated and hard-working. You complete your tasks with total commitment and determination. You give your best and may find it difficult to get along with your coworkers since you demand the same from them as well. you highly ambitious. You have excellent leadership skills and positions of high authority attract you. You feel the need to be praised for your work and shine in your professional field. You are proud of your achievements and standing in your professional life. You might come across as dominating and egoistic at your workplace. 

Your present Dasha lords Moon in mahadasha (represnets 10th House of professional status, 3rd house of Public communication, 9th house if higher thoughts) antardasha of Ketu started and continues till 08/2019. Here ketu represnets 10th House of professional status, 11th hosue of success and also represnets sun (karaka of government) and mercury (karaka of communication). So all three are in favor and also there Jupiter continue the transit over lagna house which represnets 6th house (competition) in your chart. So win in competition possible by you between August 2019. But Saturn will transit over second house which give him some rough behavior with others. this may create obstacles for you. So try to be patient and focus on uses of your word. 

Overall analysis shows you will win the election. And have chances to get back in power again. 

From 8/2019 Venus mahadasha start, it represents 7,10,12. Here 7th house represnets opponents and 12th house represnets competition from opponents there you will face some critical issues and Saturn also goes in sign Sagittarius (sign of Justice), there you face opposition and take decisions after weigh pros and cons of every prospects. 

We recommend you to make very good use of the favorable aspects in your chart by putting in the efforts in the right direction and taking the right decisions. It will also be helpful to be well prepared for the future prospects and grab every opportunity that comes your way.

We would like to end by saying that determination and perseverance can help you reach pinnacles in life.

Best Regards,
Acharya Suvendu Halder.

Yes NAMO will be coming back  to power again. The prashna horoscope says clearly that he is going to be the PM again, I had predicted the same in 2014 and now also He will be getting his second term