Acharya Punit

astrologer in Hindi


Online astrology experience - 18 Years


Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Numerology, Vasthu, Gemology, KP Astrology, Medical Astrology, Child psychology, 


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Vedic astrologer

Acharya Punit is a great Vedic astrologer. His all prediction on the base of Vedic astrology. He believes that precaution is the best remedy in the astrology. There is no miracle in astrology, but if we have knowledge of such times, then we can take cautious steps at that time. He is a dedicated astrologer, whose advice and suggestion is received by many people with high value and find peace in it. He believes in God and as well as Science. He is specialised in Nadi astrology, Numerology, Vasthu, Medical Astrology, Gemology, KP astrology. Acharya Punit has done thousand of online horoscope readings and consultations.