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Vedic Astrologer

I am B.Tech in Computer Science and then worked for IT sector and Investment Banks for 10 years, before taking up Astrology as a full time Career. I had been practising Astrology from my college days, but when I could see my friends coming back to me for another reading, when their prediction came true, I started realising my potential as a reader. I met a few learned Astrologers at a very young age and gathered a lot of knowledge from them. Best was when I could connect with Astrology like maths/ science, that's when everything started making a lot of sense to me. Most of my initial experience was into research and studying ancient Astrology, to relate it with modern lifestyle. The day one of my customers told me that I made a difference in his life with my predictions, I started doing it full-time. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping people get out of trouble with my Astrology Reading.