Keshava Chandra Pandey

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Online astrology experience - 22 Years


Vedic Astrology, Vasthu, Prashana Astrology, 


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Vedic Astrologer and Vasthu

Keshava Chandra Pandey is a professional astrologer from Lucknow. He has more than 22 years of experience in the field of astrology. The only astrologer in the Nation who is specialised in resolving your severe problems and riskiness. He is the one who is able to solve all your problems related to Family, Financial, Business, Education, Health, Job, Politics, Vastu & all other important fields with his accurate remedial solutions. He is also famous for his unique and accurate solutions which gives you those results which you desire. About him, many popular Journals of the country has published. His expertise and knowledge in astrology have helped many of my clients from different walks of life.