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SCORPIO Daily Horoscope


Financially, you will have lots of success today. Expect a greater sum of money. A Capricorn might bother you today at work, but don't let their negative energy affect you.


Your lucky numbers are 29 and 11 today. Jupiter is sending you good vibes. Be smart today.


Today is not the best day to make big, or potentially life changing decisions. Try to share as much love as you can.


Be mindful of your health today. Your weak spots are going to be visible. Try to make a healthier life change.

Personal detail

Married signs might have a small communication issue. There will be a change in your love life very soon. You won't even see it coming. You will be irresistible, especially for other water signs.


Even though you love traveling, today isn't the best day to travel. Enjoy a day with friends.